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GameBase is a all in one classic game emulator app. Now support NDS, GB, GBA, GBC, Sega Genesis, N64, NES, PSP, SNES, MSX 2, MSX Computer, PCE, NGP, 2600

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  1. manabu ueshiro Reply


  2. Andres Aleman Reply

    Is it possible to change the ROM of the Pokemon games? I am using the GameBase App, and unfortunately there are some Pokemon that we can only get via trading. Because of the fact that this is an emulator, there is not really a way to solve this, unless we could change the rom of the game.

  3. Ronald Reply

    How do I unsubscribe I played for the monthly and don’t want it any more

  4. Kostas Doukas Reply

    Hello guys! I’m trying to play “the legend of zelda – the twilight princess”, using a xiaomi redmi note 9 device! Are there any recommendations for better performance/experience?

  5. Abraham Perez Reply

    Update from my previous post. Gamebase contacted me and gave me my lifetime premium. Thanks guys

  6. Niccolò Iuliano Reply

    when i start a game, the screen is black and i hear only the sound and the keys don’t work either. how can I solve this problem?
    how can i set the keys as i want?

  7. Basily B Jimenez Terrero Reply

    I like play Driver ,but I gat few trouble I bout the ones in Miami Fl .

  8. Matthew Graham Reply

    Is it possible to use a gamepad? If so HOW!? I am trying to run retroland (maybe the old version since it’s now called gamebase?) On bluestacks (android for pc) but I can’t figure out how to play games using a gamepad.. please help!

    • Ethan McIntyre Reply

      Well it depends on the game pad if your using a newer one and it’s Bluetooth enabled it should auto map if it’s connected but you might need to update the service to the game base version. I hope this helps and I’m sorry if it doesn’t but if you have any other questions just ask by replying to my comment

  9. Kyle Reply

    Looks like I’ll be sticking to Launchbox or standalone emulators as this is for phones only! There should’ve been some kind of warning YES there are still PC users out there but our voices are silent by the mainstream lies!

  10. Suzanna Reply

    So the plugins for nes snes and gb gbc and gna work on my other devices but they will not work on one. Is there a way to fix this or will i have to uninstall and re install gamebase app?

  11. Ethan McIntyre Reply

    I was wondering if there would ever be the possibility of you guys working on a PC build of this emulator I really love it on the phone but not all phones can run the games and think it would help if this were a possibility

  12. Ibrahim Reply

    hello there, i was wondering is there a version for Android TVs ? because i tried this one and it doesn’t work properly

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